City Charts, Additional Interface Navigation and Version 1.1 will arrive soon

Hello everybody!

Just a quick update on what we are working on, and what will be launched very soon.

First, 9-km ECMWF Global Pressure, GFS, and 14-km EPS city charts will launch by the end of this week – so there are your much loved meteograms for big cities.  We will have the ability to expand many more to include snowfall, precipitation, and wind speeds.  You might have noticed that we do quantile sorting of the quantities with the ensembles to show better the spread of the collective distribution.

The next step will be the implementation and display of all of the ECMWF members on, and a further improvement of our navigation and interface.

As you can see in the following screenshots, we are testing a thumbnail/postage stamps navigation system linked to the Mega Menu, that will make it even easier to get to select a certain region, variable or model and then quickly change these parameters. To make sure there are no bugs, we will have to test it thoroughly before implementing and will launch this in about 2 weeks with version 1.1 of

Besides all that, we are constantly adding parameters and regions to our current sets, and develop new products for you.

We hope, you will enjoy this new set of tools for our PERSONAL FORECASTER account, and are excited for even more to come!

For support questions or suggestions, please contact us on Twitter @weathermodels_ or write us an email at [email protected]