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Hello Everybody,

we tried to make a quick and easy tutorial page that is constantly updated with our new features. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to write us an email: [email protected] – we are happy to help!

Your Personal Home Screen

After you have registered and signed in, you will be navigated to your personal home page that looks very much like this:

Some items on the personal home screen, e.g. the links to the most popular models will always be the same as well as the links to weather.us at the bottom, and the preview to the last two blog posts. In between those elements, you are able to add your favourite content by choosing a set in the model viewer and then hit the “Save to Home” button. This will add a thumbnail to this specific map setting to your personal home page. Please note that it always links back to the newest cycle of that particular model.

If you save several maps, your home page will look like this, and you will be able to grasp a lot of information at one sight:


We will upgrade this feature soon by adding a drag & drop function, so you will be able to rearrange your content. This function is also planned for other kinds of tools that will be coming soon, e.g. charts.

Model Player

Please note that we are still in the BETA phase and testing everything, so the player might not be looking great in all screen resolutions yet, but we will get there before the BETA phase ends.

This is how it should look to you right now (depending on your screen size, the player might be on the right side next to the map). The Player currently has the following functions:



Those two buttons help you set a customized start and end frame:

Clear the start end end frames by pressing  

Navigate to your desired start frame and press the left button. Navigate to your desired end frame and press the right button. Press the “Clear” button to set it back to default.

Save a map to your home screen by pressing  

Make a GIF out of your selections and settings by pressing 

Note: Your GIF will always take those customized settings and be a copy of what you see in the player. That way you can adjust your GIF.

GIF Maker

To create a certain GIF out of a model set, set the player to your desired setting and press the GIF button. This way, you have control over the GIF settings. You can change how many frames you want to use (by setting the interval) the speed of the GIF (by setting the player speed) and starting and end frame.

You will then see a white screen that shows you the progress of the GIF processing and afterwards a preview of your GIF. You can now save it (on a desktop computer) with right click and “save as”.



Currently, the GIF maker won’t work on your mobile device if you don’t have enough working memory and space left. We are working on that problem by trying to reduce the file size of the GIF.

GIFs At Weathermodels.com from weathermodels.com on Vimeo.

Comparator Model Viewer Tool

Comparator Tutorial from weathermodels.com on Vimeo.

City Charts Tutorial


Individual Ensemble Member Viewer Tutorial

Individual Ensemble Member Viewer Tutorial from weathermodels.com on Vimeo.


Link List Tutorial

Link List Tutorial from weathermodels.com on Vimeo.



We are still in the BETA phase and constantly updating and improving our service.

Thank you.

Your Team of weathermodels.com


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