Welcome to Weathermodels.com!

Welcome to weathermodels.com — a new service that hopefully will be your trusted source of weather information including maps and data from the best models.

Over the past decade, weather prediction has advanced significantly with new global models at higher resolution, more ensembles, and mesoscale systems from government agencies and private sector companies. How do you keep track of this avalanche of forecast information?

Here, we will leverage our expertise in numerical weather prediction and analysis to provide a beneficial yet entertaining weather forecasting service. For the hobbyist that loves weather, the models and maps will have explainers to help provide useful context and tips on understanding unfolding weather events. For the experienced forecaster, information from ECMWF, GFS and the ensembles will be displayed as efficiently as possible to make your time-constrained job easier. And with Dr. Maue at the helm, the website won’t break, models won’t be delayed, and you can always reach him on Twitter @RyanMaue because he’s watching the same weather models you are.

First, we are launching a “Personal Forecaster” service for $10/month or $99/year that will provide a wide variety and always growing selection of weather models and data including ECMWF + EPS, GFS + GEFS, NAM + WRF, Canadian GEPS & GEM & RGEM, HRRR, UKMET, and CFSv2. If there is something obvious missing that you need or want, then Dr. Maue will be happy to code it up and provide it to everyone. You can compare model runs, create animated GIFS and download images to share on social media and blogs including the ECMWF.

The first month of the “Personal Forecaster” service is “beta” and will be free (no charge) as Dr. Maue and our incredible team of developers work out bugs, expand the product line-up, and incorporate suggestions from our subscribers. All of you will be investing in this endeavor and contributing to ongoing research and development necessary to keep up with the rapidly evolving science. We also recognize the importance of the science of climate change including extreme weather impacting individuals, businesses and governments. Our agenda is to provide users a wide variety of high quality weather and climate tools.

Soon, a “Commercial Level” service will launch at a slightly higher price point aimed at non-personal account holders including businesses and media outfits that require additional services.

When there is an extreme weather event going on, we want to be a one-stop shop for data, maps and guidance that can help you make informed decisions.