Tranquil Weather Pattern Continues Today

Hello everyone!

Today will be the latest in a string of amazingly quiet days weatherwise across the US. There won’t be a single part of the nation that will see organized, impactful precipitation, and the vast majority of folks will be hard pressed to find more than a couple fair weather clouds.

Here’s today’s weather overview map showing the quiet weather pattern. A weak cold front will bring some showers to parts of the Northeast, but the bulk of the moisture and lift associated with that system will be located north of the border. A few lake effect rain and snow showers will develop behind the front in the Great Lakes, but no significant impacts or accumulations are expected. Out west, another Pacific storm will rumble into Canada, leaving Washington and Oregon on the southern fringe. Rain will move into parts of the Pacific Northwest this afternoon/evening but it is expected to be very low impact. Elsewhere across the country, you’ll be hard pressed to find more than a very light shower. Enjoy the beautiful weather, it won’t last forever!

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