Superbowl LIV Forecast

Hello everyone!

The 54th Superbowl is just a few days away now, which means it’s time to take a look at the forecast for the big game. This year’s Superbowl is set to be played in Miami Florida which means winter weather shouldn’t be a concern, though thunderstorms and heavy rain could be a nuisance. This post will take a look at the forecast to see if weather might be a concern for those headed to Miami to watch the game.

At a quick glance, the forecast for kickoff (around 7:00 PM EST) is looking pretty nice. Whatever storm might form off the East Coast will be either in the Canadian Maritimes of well out into the Atlantic by this point, and cooler/drier air will be moving into Florida on light north/northwesterly breezes. No precipitation appears likely during the game itself or during the pregame tailgate.

Temperatures look pretty nice too, with an afternoon high temperature around 70 before some cooling around/after sunset brings temps back into the 60’s. That might be sweater weather for Floridians, but if you’re coming from the Bay Area or Kansas City, 60’s will feel pretty nice!

Now that we know the weather for the game itself will be nice, what about earlier in the weekend?

The potential East Coast storm will be in its formative stages over the Gulf of Mexico on Friday before it heads northeast, either up the coast or out to sea. As that system crosses the Florida Peninsula, a round of showers and thunderstorms is likely in Miami. At the moment, Saturday morning/midday looks like the most likely timeframe for rain. By Saturday evening, the storm’s cold front will be moving into Cuba and the Bahamas while light north/northwesterly breezes begin carrying cooler and drier air into Florida. If you happen to be flying into Miami on Saturday morning, you might be briefly delayed due to thunderstorms but no major travel issues are expected on the arrival side.

As far as departures from San Francisco or Kansas City are concerned, no issues are expected as upper level ridging remains firmly entrenched over California throughout the weekend while northwesterly flow between the West Coast ridge and the East Coast storm brings quiet weather to Kansas City. In fact, that NW flow will give flights from KC a nice tailwind especially on Saturday.

All in all, aside from some brief showers/thunderstorms on Saturday morning, Superbowl LIV looks to be unaffected by weather-related concerns. Enjoy the game!