Generally Quiet Weather Nationwide Today

Hello everyone!

Today’s update will be pretty similar to yesterday’s as quiet weather dominates the country. Here are the three things you need to know:

  1. IRMA’s remnants continue to dissipate over Kentucky as the system loses its energy. Yesterday’s widespread showers will be replaced by patchy areas of cloudiness along with the potential for some pop up showers/storms as the system moves into the northeast. WV satellite gives a good sense of what the system is up to as it unravels.
  2. AN UPPER LEVEL LOW will once again bring the chance for some showers/thunderstorms in California this afternoon. The threat for gusty winds is less than it was yesterday, but lightning and briefly heavy rains will continue to impact the northern part of California this afternoon.
  3. THE JET STREAM is well to the north in Canada with a large upper level ridge parked across the US from coast to coast. As a result, the biggest weather story today becomes widely scattered showers in California and Kentucky. Enjoy the break from weather related issues, we all deserve it!

Jose appears to be headed out to sea and unless there are dramatic changes to that forecast, I won’t have any more updates on the system. For more on why the storm is forecast to head out to sea, check out last night’s update.

For more information on your local forecast, head on over to

For more information on the local forecast for Maine and New Hampshire, check out my local blog post from this morning.

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