It was a Swiss boy’s dream, later a Swiss meteorologist’s dream.

To have a place in the Midwest, where all the stuff happens, which is not as common in Switzerland: Tornadoes, ice storms, turning on heat and A/C at the same day.
In 2005, I founded WeatherOK Inc. in Omega OK – a great place with pop. 15 and special: You have fiber optics in the ground and you can have a 10 Gb/s bandwith if you wish – something you wouldn’t expect looking at this.

Meanwhile we have extended our footprint to the Great State of Maine, where we found “Forecasterjack” – a young student who will give you his insights on the national weather soon in a separate blog. tries to give you all your needs – we have started an exclusive model with 0.8mi x 0.8mi resolution called Swiss SuperHD for 5 test areas in the US and will extend it nationwide soon. Find radar archive data back to 1995, observation data decades back, worldwide satellite and lightning data. And compare the models’ forecast for your place with the Forecast XL in order to get maximum accuracy for yourself.

Know your sky – with
Joerg Kachelmann, President

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