Your Trick-or-Treating Forecast

It’s Hallo-weekend and there’s only one thing on everyone’s minds: Candy! Or, more specifically, trick-or-treating. Will your weather cooperate? Will you need a coat under that costume? Let’s take a look at your Halloween forecast region by region.


The Northeast


The Northeast gets the short stick, weather-wise, for this Halloween. Lingering showers will persist as the upper level low exits into Canada. Wrap around moisture on the back side could lead to a few heavier lake-effect rain showers. Trick-or-treaters in this area may be dodging periodic showers, so be sure to pack the umbrella.


Temperatures around sun-down also look to be rather raw – mostly in the lower 50s and upper 40s, except near the coast. Gusty winds are likely as well, making it even chillier. Layer up and bring an extra coat or sweater in case your little monster gets cold on the candy trail.


The Southeast

Steadily clearing skies will be on the menu for the Southeast as, by sunset tomorrow, the upper level low will be departing and taking its cloud cover and showers with it.


Clear skies and comfortable autumn temperatures means that the Southeast is the winner for “best trick-or-treating weather” in this forecast. It may remain a little cool where clouds linger through the day Sunday, so a sweater may be necessary as the night-time chill settles in.


The Central US


With the exception of a few northwest flow snow showers in the Upper Great Lakes region, this part of the country also looks stellar for a night of Halloween fun.


Temperatures vary, as this part of the country covers quite a bit of latitude.

From the Southern Plains south, expect a warm evening in the low to mid 60s. From the Central Plains north to the Great Lakes, it will be quite a bit chillier. Temperatures from the upper 40s to the low 30s mean you’ll want that heavier jacket if you’re out and about with the kids.


The Southwest


Not much to talk about in this region. Not even a shower on future radar to mention. Temperatures will be pleasant, even warm, in the southern extremities and cooler the further north you go. An extra layer may be warranted in these areas where temps are forecast in the low 50s during “haunting hour.”


The Northwest


A few isolated showers or snow showers (higher elevations) can’t be ruled out in this region as moisture moves in ahead of the next rain event. This isn’t a wash-out by any means, just more of a nuisance if you happen to be one of the lucky ones under an isolated shower. Bring the umbrella, just in case. Soggy kids are no fun.

As far as temperatures go, it looks like a fairly mild evening with 60s in the southern valleys and 50s everywhere else. Bringing a sweater might be wise, especially as moisture moving in can make it feel rather damp.


It’s hard to go into too much detail for such a large country, so if you’re interested in a more detailed, personalized forecast, head on over to the Weather Overview page at and type in your location. You’ll be able to see radar, your hourly forecast, and weather for the next 2 days for your specific city.

Happy Haunting!