Snow Winds Down In Montana Today

Hello everyone!

Here are the three things you need to know about today’s weather:

  1. SNOW will be winding down across Montana today as the storm system bringing moisture into the area moves east and dry air from Canada floods south. An additional several inches of accumulation is expected as radar shows snow continuing across the area this morning. Snow will wrap up from NW to SE this evening.
  2. SHOWERS AND THUNDERSTORMS will continue across the Plains today on the warm side of the system bringing snow to Montana. While little in the way of organized severe weather is expected today, even the weaker storms will bring dangerous lightning and heavy rain.
  3. AN UNUSUALLY LARGE RIDGE of high pressure will dominate the east today, bringing cool and quiet weather. This ridge has shredded the tropical low that was bringing showers to Florida, and as a result drier weather is expected across the state today. Warmer and more humid conditions will gradually creep back in across the east in the coming days as the pattern aloft shifts around.

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