Remnants Of Irma Bring Clouds And Showers To The Southeast, High Pressure Dominates Elsewhere

Hello everyone!

Today’s weather will generally be quiet across the US today. Here are the three things you need to know about the national forecast.

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  1. IRMA has become a post-tropical remnant low. The system continues to produce clouds and some light rain, but no noteworthy impacts remain from the once powerful storm. Watch the storm continue to decay on GOES-16 satellite.
  2. AN UPPER LEVEL LOW will bring clouds and shower/thunderstorm activity to parts of California today as the system spins offshore. Some of those thunderstorms could feature some gusty winds but otherwise no severe weather is expected. Watch the system on GOES-16 satellite.
  3. HIGH PRESSURE will remain firmly in control over the rest of the country as the active jet stream is pushed well north into Canada.

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I’ll have an update on Hurricane Jose this evening.

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