Quiet Weather Expected To Continue Across The US For The Next Few Days

Hello everyone!

This will be a quick update as I’m on vacation, strategically timed during a stretch of quiet weather across the US. High pressure is locked in control across nearly the entire country meaning that there’s little to no chance of organized severe weather. Daytime showers and storms will pop up here and there with heavy rains and lightning, but nothing out of the ordinary is in the forecast. We do have a tropical storm over the Yucatan Peninsula, TS Franklin, which will move into the southern Gulf of Mexico this evening. However, our large area of high pressure will make sure that the system stays well south of the US as it moves west into the Mexican coast.

For more information on exactly what the weather will be like at your location, as always, we have an abundance of information for you to use over at weather.us.

-Jack Sillin