Maria Moves East, Cold Front Clears New England, Showers Continue In Texas

Hello everyone!

Here are the three things you need to know about today’s weather:

  1. MARIA has begun its eastward turn, and will accelerate out into the open Atlantic over the coming days. No direct impacts are expected in the US from here on out, with high surf remaining an indirect concern for a few more days.
  2. A COLD FRONT has moved offshore in New England, ending a record-setting heat wave. Temperatures in New England will rise into the 70’s today, nearly 20 degrees colder than in previous days. Much drier air is also surging in, putting an end to the stifling humidity. The front will dissipate as it moves into the Mid Atlantic where winds are already northwesterly due to Maria’s circulation.
  3. AN UPPER LEVEL LOW brought an end to a 31 day dry streak in Dallas, Texas yesterday. Rain showers will continue to fall across the Lone Star State today, with the best chance for flooding being SW of San Antonio.

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