Labor Day Weekend Outlook

Labor Day is generally heralded as summer’s last celebration before cooler, less outdoorsy weather sets in. Naturally everyone hopes for a great forecast for that final big cookout, boating trip, or pool weekend. What does your Labor Day Weekend forecast have in store? Let’s take a look!



The Eastern US


As evidenced on satellite, it’s a gorgeous day in the eastern US. Fair weather cumulus clouds abound, temperatures are much less than they have been lately – mainly in the 70s and 80s -, and gone are the tropical dew points that plagued us so much this summer. It’s almost as if fall has given us a cool hug.

However, if you’ll direct your attention back to the satellite view, you’ll notice a mass of clouds sweeping across the Great Lakes and Plains states. Those clouds, part of a weak front, will make their way east steadily throughout the day tomorrow.


This will result in a broken, showery rain affecting first the Northeast on Sunday, and then the Southeast late Sunday into Monday. Rainfall totals are expected to be generally light (under an inch) for the Northeast. The Southeast, however, has the chance for locally heavier rainfall within the pre-frontal line as they will have more moisture available and slightly more instability to allow any storms that form to tap into that moisture. Still, this isn’t an all day, fun-ruining rain for anyone. And, bonus, it brings a better Labor Day!


Cooler and, more importantly, drier air sinks in behind the front, providing a rather pleasant Labor Day for most, though the South might get stuck with some sticky dew points. All part of southern summer life, I suppose.


The Central US


The cold front we mentioned for the Eastern US has, for the most part, already made its way through the central US and drier air is already sinking into place. While some showers and storms may linger at the tail end of the front around Texas and Oklahoma into Sunday afternoon, drier air with temps in the 80s and 90s/dew points in the 50s and 60s will dominate through the remainder of the holiday weekend.

So, with very little rain in sight, make your plans and enjoy them!


The Western US

The western US needs rain, and, I’d be willing to bet they’d even be fine with it ruining their plans on a holiday weekend if it would just help ease the drought and rampant forest fires this region is experiencing. Unfortunately, this is one area where there seems to be no hint of rain for anyone over the holiday weekend.


We can still very clearly see these fires burning and the resultant smoke blanketing the area, leading to poor air quality.

A strong ridge is building into the west.


This will lead to widespread temperatures above normal through the remainder of the holiday weekend and well into next week as well.

High pressure also means subsiding (sinking) air.


Unfortunately, air quality will remain poor for a large portion of the Western US through the weekend – especially for those states immediately downwind of the most active fires.

While it’s nice not to be facing down a hurricane or extreme flooding event this weekend, I fervently hope the pattern shifts soon to allow for relief in the form of rain for the Western US. Forest fires, especially ones as large as those burning currently, are natural disasters too and also deserve our concern and attention.


Well, there’s your Labor Day Weekend outlook. Enjoy your celebrations to the best of your abilities! We’ll be off this weekend as well, so look for our next blog on Tuesday.