Harvey’s Remnants Rain On New England While Heat Begins To Relax In California

Hello everyone!

I’ll have a full update on Hurricane Irma this afternoon, but this morning I’m going to do another quick rundown of what to expect across the US today. Here are the three things you need to know:

  1. HARVEY’s remnants are about to take their final swipe at the US as they bring some rain and wind to New England. By tomorrow morning, the system that was Harvey will finally no longer be actively impacting the US.
  2. HEAT will continue in California’s Central Valley, but will let up along the coast. Highs along the coast will be in the 80’s today; warm, but a far cry from the 100’s we saw yesterday.
  3. LIDIA, a tropical remnant low in the Eastern Pacific. will add a little bit of extra moisture to the southwest monsoon today. The result will be slightly expanded storm coverage with a larger than usual flash flood threat.

Elsewhere across the country, generally quiet weather is expected. For more information on your local forecast, head on over to weather.us.

For more information on the local forecast for Maine and New Hampshire, check out my local blog post from this morning.

I’ll have a full update on Irma this afternoon and another morning summary this time tomorrow.