Harvey’s Remnants Continue Northeast As Heat Begins To Build Over California

Hello everyone!

Today’s weather across the US will be dominated by Harvey’s remnants in the southeast, and building heat across the West Coast. We’ll also be watching a weak cold front that will bring scattered showers and storms to the Northern Plains. Here are the three things you need to know along with links to more information on each topic if you’re interested.

  1. HARVEY’s remnants are moving ENE through Tennessee this morning. Out ahead of the remnant low, some severe thunderstorms are expected to develop today. On the NW side of the low, heavy rains and flooding will continue across parts of Kentucky.
  2. HEAT will continue to build across California today. Temperatures across a wide swath of the Central Valley and coastal range will soar well into the 100’s with widespread 110+ readings expected as well. This heat is due to a very large ridge of high pressure that is setting up shop across the region. Be sure to take proper precautions for the extreme heat: stay hydrated, and try to limit physical activity to the cooler part of the day.
  3. A WEAK COLD FRONT will move across the Northern Plains today. The main impacts will be increased cloudiness and the chance for scattered showers. A few thunderstorms could develop along northern parts of the front in North Dakota, closer to some upper level energy.

Click any one of the links to check out more information regarding one of our weather threats today. As with all of our data, you can use the menus to the left of any image to explore more options such as different map areas, parameters, and time steps.

Otherwise, the weather across the US today will generally be quiet. For more details on your local forecast, head on over to weather.us!

For more information on the local forecast for Maine and New Hampshire, check out my local blog post from this morning.

My next update will be tomorrow morning as there are no further developments with Hurricane Irma that warrant updating. It’s still far too soon to tell where the storm will track and who, if anyone, on the US might be impacted. I will resume Irma updates this weekend as we begin to know more.