Cut-Off Low to Bring a Week of Wet Weather to the Southeast

A bit of a wet period kicks off tonight and tomorrow over the southeastern part of the country.


A trough that is currently moving eastward will morph into a cut-off low early in the week. It will then meander around the south, pulling in moisture before being reabsorbed into the jet stream by way of another incoming trough.


Plentiful clouds, humidity, and, yes, rain will be the norm for this part of the country this week.


Rainfall amounts will likely be maximized along the higher terrain of the Southern Appalachians, especially the eastern side.

That isn’t great news for the leaf peepers as it could impact more than driving conditions on the popular fall routes such as the Blue Ridge Parkway. As we quickly approach peak color in the mountains, a poorly timed stormy period could put a bit of a damper on the normally brilliant display. Heavy rainfall and winds tend to knock leaves off of the trees before they have a chance to fully change colors. If this occurs, any remaining leaves would only provide spotty color instead of that canopy of brilliance both tourists and locals alike are accustomed to.

As mentioned before, expect on and off showers and storms, some heavy, for this region through the end of next week. The departure of the low, however, seems to usher in a drier period next weekend – at least that’s what models suggest currently.

Stay dry!